Ancient knowledge, ​state of the art quality

In Vetrofond, we ​create glass, making artisan works of​ exquisite workmanship for some of the most important lighting companies​ worldwide.

In our products, the millenarian technique of Murano glass, shaped by the skilled hands of ​M​aster craftsmen,​ meets very high quality standards, guaranteed by cutting-edge methods and machinery.​ Creativity and technology together give life to real works of art, which infuse ​ ​the most modern and sophisticated design with ​the magic of glass​.

The millenary art of Murano Glass expresses
the most sophisticated contemporary design

Where magic is born

The beating heart of glass-blowing is the “Vetreria”, the glass factory. Here the Master craftsmen accept the daily challenge to create new lines and textures, expressing the talent of the best designers. The Moleria department is equally important, indispensable for guaranteeing meticulous treatments and processes, as well as accurate precision in cuts and punctures. Here drilling, polishing and finishing are carried out by a careful craftsmanship, which makes use of technologies developed as an answer to the new requirements of glass-making, such as robots and water-jet cutting.​

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